Love Care Keepers Homecare Services Inc.

Our Services

We understand the pressure your family goes through in making sure that your loved ones are safely taken care of. Our experienced and dedicated PSWs and HSWs are here to relieve you of the burden.

Personal Care

It's important to take care of your loved ones every day. Our caregivers can help with everything, from serious care like hospital recovery to basic things like bathing and getting dressed. They'll take good care of your loved ones and make sure they feel loved.


We offer friendly and caring companionship for your family member, making sure they are happy and comfortable!

Home Support

Our home support services include cooking and cleaning to make sure your loved one has a healthy diet and a clean and safe home.

24-hour or Live-in Care

Our reliable 24-hour senior care provides peace of mind and meets the needs of our clients at any time of the day or night

Transportation Services

This option is provided to clients who require temporary, one-time use, or regular services to attend scheduled appointments such as:
• attending a medical appointment with the client
• Transportation arranged to and from home medical appointment destination
• Medication pick-up or arrangements, if necessary


We select top support workers using care request info, verify their documents, and electronically confirm each visit for safety.

Our support workers have diverse backgrounds, including 75% with a PSW certificate. They may also be HCAs, RPNs, or caring community members with no formal training.

LCK requires a minimum 3-hour shift for homecare staff to ensure high-quality care and work-life balance. Our supportive environment benefits both clients and employees, promoting physical and emotional well-being. We aim to attract and keep top industry talent while delivering world-class homecare services.

We prioritize giving top-quality support to our clients, making sure everyone feels comfortable and heard. Our team understands that each person is unique and may have different expectations from their support worker. If a client feels that their support worker isn’t the right fit for them, we’re ready to find someone else. We suggest that clients meet their support worker in person beforehand to prevent any dissatisfaction. This is a great chance for both parties to discuss mutual expectations and establish a working relationship that will be positive and productive.

We might be able to offer a support worker at the last minute if one is available in your client’s area. However, the usual time to set up a match between a client and a worker is 3-5 days on weekdays.