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We understand the pressure your family goes through in making sure that your loved ones are safely taken care of. Our experienced and dedicated PSWs are here to relieve you of the burden. Click Here To Learn More

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  • Alzheimer’s Care can be so hard on family members, but having someone there with your loved one when you can’t be present can help put your mind at ease.
  • Dementia Care is so important as your loved ones memory begins to fade, and they forget daily tasks and functions.
  • Bathing/Showering are basic needs of every human and can help your loved one feel clean, refreshed, and renewed.
  • Dressing/Grooming is a daily personal care necessity that helps us all feel better about ourselves and more willing to go out in public or enjoy seeing family and friends at home. 

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Our mission and values are simple: to enhance the lives of aging adults and to treat everybody like a member of our own family. This is what drives everything we do. And it's why we're one of the leading providers of senior care services in the country.

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  • Family lives 3+ hours away from our 91-year-old Mom. Hazel came to the rescue on very short notice with her employee Cindy. Hazel has been polite, professional, and compassionate. Cindy has been amazing with our Mom: warm, caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We really believe that these women probably saved our Mom's life when she came down with Covid on Christmas Eve. I highly recommend this company as caregivers. They are amazing people. Earth angels! They even looked after Mom's little dog while Mom was sick. Wonderful organization and people. They genuinely care about people and their pets.- Susan B.

    Susan B.
  • David Flecher

    Rowena came highly recommended to our family as a caregiver for my elderly mother. She always treated my mother with respect and enabled her to remain in the comfort and familiarity of her home safely enabling her to maintain the closeness and accessibility to family. When my mother could no longer drive, Rowena helped run errands. She also provided my mother's personal care, housekeeping, and cooking duties. She was very flexible and accommodating with her schedule as well being professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Her service provided peace of mind to our family allowing us to spend quality time with my mother. I would highly recommend Rowena to my family and friends.

    David Flecher
  • Howard P. Jr

    Rowena has proven to be an excellent caregiver in all respects. She has been loyal and dedicated to her work and provided me with outstanding care and assistance. I highly recommend her and her company.

    Howard P. Jr
  • Dr. Sarah Rudge
    Hazel was the angel we did not know we needed until my 93-year-old mom fell and broke her hip. She had been independent prior to this and like a lot of seniors did not want to accept help when she needed it. This changed after she met Hazel- and she looked forward to her daily visits and chats. Hazel was professional. Knowledgeable and provided excellent personal care with kindness and warmth. I can't recommend her enough.
    Dr. Sarah Rudge
  • Donna Pickard
    "My parents for years required extra personal and nursing care. These three women - Hazel, Kim, and Rowena were exceptional in the care and love they gave to my mom and dad. My parents were cared for with dignity, professionalism, respect, and love. Smiles were always observed on my parents' faces when "the girls" arrived to look after them. I often told my husband and family members that the respect, love, and care given to my parents by Hazel, Kim, and Rowena was like how family members care for their grandparents I lived 3 hours away from mom and dad, I was a hands-on family member, and each day when these ladies were working I could rest assured my parents were in good caring hands. Communication between the caregivers and myself was excellent. If you or your family member is in need of nursing care, companionship, or help in the home, Love Care Keepers can be recommended by myself and my family. These ladies along with excellent care showed leadership skills and knowledge in the nursing field. All my observations and satisfaction with being a daughter of parents who required a lot of care makes me able to highly recommend Hazel, Kim, and Rowena in their business - Love Care Keepers"
    Donna Pickard

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